Prescription Orthotics

left foot pes planusgaitAll our Chiropractors at Alevia Healthcare are fully trained at prescribing custom orthotics, assessing foot biomechanics and analysing gait.


Alevia works in association with Foothealth UK. Foothealth UK are a specialist company who work alongside medical practitioners in the UK and overseas.

Foothealth manufacture technically advanced custom made orthotic devices using revolutionary laser scanning technology.

Through a combination of clinical knowledge, experience and state of the art manufacturing techniques, we produce quality custom corrective orthotics used in the treatment and prevention of numerous foot problems and associated ailments that can affect the foot, ankle, knee, hip and the lower back.







If you suffer from any of the following then orthotics can help you – call us for a free assessment today!

  • Upper Foot Pain
  • Ball of Foot Pain
  • Heel Pain
  • Foot Arch Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Lower Bank Pain
  • Outer Thigh Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Shin Splints
  • Achillies Pain
  • Bunions

Please contact the clinic to book a FREE Consultation and biomechanical examination to assess your feet, gait and posture.








More information about FOOTHEALTH UK





What is included in the assessment and how much will it cost?

You will be given a full biomechanical assessment with a fully trained chiropractor. During the assessment they will examine the alignment of your feet, knees and hips and explain in detail any biomechanical imbalance that is occuring, discuss any conditions or pain this could be causing you and the options available to alleviate the pain.

This appointment is completely free of charge and there are no hidden costs.


How much are the orthotics?

Our orthotics are individually custom made for your exact requirements. They can vary between approximately £200 – £500. Until we see your feet we will not be able to give an accurate price but the consultation is free so it costs nothing to attend and be assessed.


What can I do if orthotics are not suitable for my condition?

If your condition cannot be helped with orthotics but would benefit from general podiatry, chiropractic, or even surgery we can direct you to a clinic or hospital that will be able to assist you.


How many times will I need to see you?

Usually only once. We can assess you and take your moulds on the same day if you wish. However, if you prefer to think it over and come back for a seperate appointment then you are also welcome to do so. Once you receive the orthotics, you may wish to arrange a follow up appointment after a few months to see how you are getting on or to talk over any concerns.


How long does it take for orthotics to work?

This can vary from patient to patient. Some will feel immediate relief while others can take time to adapt. Each case is very individual, but we are only a telephone call away to talk through your individual case. We would usually expect to see a considerable improvement in 8 weeks.

If at anytime you are concerned or just want reassurance, our chiropractor will be more than happy to see you for an aftercare appointment.