Chiropractic Tips for Winter Wellness

It’s that time of year again …shoveling up fallen leaves, frosty mornings and the threat of snow (perhaps) is just around the corner!



Wrap up warm

When there is a chill in the air – always keep yourself wrapped up warm. Particularly your neck and around your waist! Wear a scarf to protect your neck from any draughts, make sure your jacket protects and covers your lower back and tuck in your vest!


Dry your crown

Did you know that you lose most of your heat from your head? Did you also know that when your hair is wet this accelerates heat loss – remember when your grandmother told you if you go out with your hair wet you’d catch a chill – well, it’s definitely more likely, so always dry your hair!


Don’t tread on thin ice

Watch your step!

> Walk slowly and shuffle with your feet close to the ground, arms extended to your sides if you need extra balance.
Wear insulated, anti-slip footwear with rubber tread.
> Stick to well-lit, well-maintained pathways and if you must walk in the street, be sure you are visible to cars.
> Always be able to see where you are walking. If you are carrying packages, you might miss a slippery patch of ice if you can’t see directly in front of you.
> If you do take a tumble, try to relax and fall on your side.


Shovel with care

Watch your posture when shoveling and invest in a good quality and ergonomic shovel – An over sized, ridged grip handle will give you a more comfortable and secure hold. Try not to stay hunched over when shoveling, straighten up your back and reduce that stress on your spine.


Stay fit and active

As tempting as it is to ease off the exercise regimen …now is definitely not the time to back off. Keep active, keep supple and remember that at the very least – exercise is great for warming you up and getting the circulation going again. You will also benefit from the feel good hormones at this gloomy time of year.


Take Home Message

Keep moving, keep warm, keep dry and keep upright!





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R. Singh
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High Wycombe

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