COVID-19 (2023 update)

Covid-19 is still a concern for much of the population. Guided by the public and regulatortary guidelines we, at Alevia Healthcare have chosen to maintain the transparent barrier at reception and continue using masks to prevent cross-contamination of seasonal infuenza and coronavirus.

Whilst our clinic policy includes the wearing of masks for clinicians, it is at the patients discretion to continue to wear their mask whilst in the clinic and in the consultation room.

R. Singh
38 Years Old
High Wycombe

I was recommended to Alevia by a colleague as I've been suffering from a lot of back ache which stopped me from doing things and I started to gain weight. The treatment more than met my expectations! All the staff are really friendly, honest and explained what was going on. I was also given exercises to help my back alongside treatment. Now I am able to do a lot more with my toddler, I've started swimming lessons and am sleeping better.